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At one point, she was even rated as high as Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman in terms of popularity. "Back in the day, they would give us for 12 hours. , the distinctive spiderweb on her neck is fake, as is the cross on her back.And that's not to say that a woman couldn't or wouldn't ever be as popular as a male actor, but we feel like standing shoulder to shoulder with Forrest Gump and/or God is an achievement worth mentioning. However, some of Pauley Perrette's real tattoos do make it into the show.Pauley Perrette has been a longtime ally of the LGBTQ community, and only a few months before the aforementioned Supreme Court ruling, the actress was on the blue carpet for the 2015 GLAAD Media Awards.When she stopped to chat with , she was asked if she had been the target of any hate for her activism."They are our brothers and sisters," the actress told ). Perrette said it's been "enormous and overwhelming" to have inspired such a positive trend.

"My dad is a firefighter and as are all my cousins, and I am incredibly proud of that.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Perrette then chose "sociology and psychology and criminal science" for her post-secondary studies, even going as far as working on a master's degree in criminology… Alas, she never got the chance to impart her knowledge in the real world police setting.

that her education "helped [her] with all the big words." It also mean that she didn't have to "fake" her "interest" in the topic.

She's consistently been the top-rated female actress on television, according to the ever-popular Q Score. , Perrette said that while working as a bartender, she "overheard a girl say she made 00 doing a commercial." That sounded like a good deal to Perrette, who eventually found "a director that took a liking to me and put me in a bunch of music videos and commercials." Although she kind of glosses over that whole "getting a director to take a liking to you" aspect of her career (which is probably the more interesting part of the story,) Perrette did name drop some famous artists that hired her for their videos.

According to in the top spot, far ahead of her peers. As if that wasn't impressive enough, she also revealed that she's a photographer and a writer to boot. "I was in Madonna, George Michael, Salt-n-Pepa — it goes on and on," she told . It's just hilarious." You can catch Perrette delivering a baleful glare and anguished neck rub in the above video for Madonna's "Secret." Sure, it's only a 2-second performance, but she absolutely nails whatever it is she's supposed to be emoting.

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