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This is achieved using a implementation is the entry point to the Validation APIs.

This step goes through the pluggability mechanism that has long been at the core of JAXP.

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Validate XML Using Compiled Schema Before we look at this approach, let's look at how we have been doing schema validation using the schema properties that were defined in JAXP 1.2: Here is an example showing how these two properties are used in JAXP 1.3: SAXParser Factory spf = SAXParser Instance(); Namespace(true); Validating(true); SAXParser sp = SAXParser(); Property("#", " Property("#", "my Schema.xsd") ; sp.parse( attribute in the instance document to specify the schema location(s).

This approach works well, but there is a tremendous performance penalty: The specified schemas are loaded again and again for every XML document that needs to be validated! Performance gain largely depends on the ratio of the size of the XML schema to the size of the XML document. Look at the Reusing a Parser Instance section to further improve the performance.

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