Outlook rss feeds not updating 2016

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This tip is a groovy way to manage your Outlook RSS feeds if you’re using Internet Explorer as your browser of choice.Do you have libraries in Share Point that you need to monitor for additions and perhaps even changes?Let’s assume for this article that I am creating a RSS feed from a library (the steps are similar to those for a Share Point list).From the Library ribbon as shown in the following figure, find and click the RSS Feed option in the Share & Track group.RSS feeds can also be managed by any RSS reader of which you probably have at least two on your desktop.First you have Outlook which also receives the alert emails.While there are some advanced options when creating a RSS feed to Outlook, most of the time, I can safely ignore these options and just click the Yes button as shown in the above image.

While the text refers to a generic RSS reader, the default is usually your email application such as Microsoft word.Alerts are a great tool that can send you an email when the contents of a library or list has been updated.You even have options that determine what types of changes you want to be notified about.I can change the text the user sees by changing the Feed Name in this dialog. If I delete and recreate the source library or list, the new version gets a new GUID.Therefore, any RSS Feeds pointing to the old location will fail and the location URL must be regenerated.

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