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Christian dating is different to other kinds of dating because Christians date with the intention of getting married, meaning in Christian dating there is no casual dating and in fact the true deep faith rooted Christians don’t refer to it as dating, they call it courting.

That’s why I am recommending that if you are Christian then it’s better for you to Join a Christian based website because there you will meet people who understand your intention and share the same sentiments as you, and therefore it will be easy to connect and also you can have conversations that are faith based as well as future based.

There are people who were raised as Christians and that makes them identify with Christianity, these kinds of people are not very strict when it comes to faith, and that means they can date people from other religions.

Then you have the second group of people who are very deep into the Christian faith and they will not get involved with a non Christian.

So in my humble opinion, if someone is not of the same faith as you are, I think the idea to convert them for your own benefit, is a bad one.

Many Christian refer to the term ”being unequally yoked” when they talk about a Christian and a non believe relationship, and to clarify, it’s not enough to say that you are a Christian, there are many levels of Christianity as well as many denominations, for example if a Catholic person gets involved with an Evangelical Christian, there could be conflict and we could say that they are not equally yoked, because perhaps in some ways, their spiritual ideas are not the same.

Another cool thing about Christian is that you can choose to upgrade your membership for two weeks, I like this idea because, Let’s say you meet someone during your free 10 day trail period, and Let’s say you want to talk to this person a little more before moving conversation to you private mailing or phone, you can upgrade to two more weeks and then if you are sure about the person then you can move to private conversation.

This lady was doing right by praying but faith without action is dead, so who knows you could find that husband or wife in a singles meeting, or at a church gathering or you could even meet them on a Christian dating website.

The pressures of life and long hours of work, these things are making it harder and harder for people to socialize, and this means that chances of meeting someone the old fashion way are getting slimmer by the day.

I mean these days life has become so busy that people don’t really have time to socialize at all, people are working hard, because everything has become so expensive which means if you want to have a comfortable life you have to work long hours, and since most people are working on their computers these days, it’s easier to communicate with someone without having to leave your office or your place of work.

So it really boils down to you and what you are willing to do to increase your chances of meeting someone, I don’t see anything wrong with connecting with other Christian singles online.

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