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Keeping busy to begin with can help expatriates with home sickness and is a great way to meet new people.

Due to the large expat community there are many groups and social clubs designed to help you meet people with similar situations and interests.

‘But that’s a one-off case, she got lucky,’ says 28-year-old Iman, a Somali national who has grown up in the UAE.

Mathematicians at the University of Bath agree with Iman.

Iman’s sister met the love of her life at a concert in Dubai.

In these cases it is best to stop all contact and any financial help you are providing.

This article may help: There are a few rules to remember when dating in the UAE.

While holding hands in public is acceptable any further displays of affection, such as kissing or cuddling, are frowned upon.

Before you submit any personal information, research the website thoroughly and check the security levels.

With the popularity of online dating rising so are scams related to that industry, the most common being financial fraud.

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