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Men who change their gender to female on Tinder to try and get with lesbians. Puppy dog noses on their photos and headlines that say, “Not into players.” 19. Bitterness towards their target dating demographic. Pictures of them with a girl that has her face Photoshopped out. “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.” 13.

In 1469, In his commentary on Plato, Ficino interprets amor platonicus ("Platonic love") and amor socraticus ("Socratic love") allegorically as idealized male love, in keeping with the Church doctrine of his time.In Archaic and classical Greece, paiderasteia had been a formal social relationship between freeborn males; taken out of context and refashioned as the luxury product of a conquered people, pederasty came to express roles based on domination and exploitation.Effeminacy or a lack of discipline in managing one's sexual attraction to another male threatened a man's "Roman-ness" and thus might be disparaged as "Eastern" or "Greek".For Ficino, "Platonic love" was a bond between two men that fosters a shared emotional and intellectual life, as distinguished from the "Greek love" practiced historically as the erastes/eromenos relationship.Ficino thus points toward the modern usage of "Platonic love" to mean love without sexuality.

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