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They launched Crazy Blind, a site that set up same-day blind dates for users.The hope was that the wacky idea would, at the least, spark press coverage of the parent site.

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Compu Date has conservatively forecasted sales for year two, rising in year three.

In turn, by early 2008, Ok Cupid had doubled its monthly users to about two million, with 550,000 active daters.

Sam Ewen, CEO of New York City—based Interference, liked the idea of Crazy Blind Date but suggested organizing a public event or using social media to publicize the site rather than relying on media reports.

Yagan says he will continue to expand the Crazy Blind Date network as he identifies large media outlets with which to partner on new launches.

There are also tentative plans to integrate the two sites so users can access the Crazy Blind Date platform from Ok Cupid. "I suspect we'll be putting out a new site," says Yagan.

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