Online dating for lonely people

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“We have respondents who said they had gotten in trouble at school or work because they were taking their phones out to check their dating app,” Coduto says.People who struggled to stop swiping, the team found, shared certain characteristics.“It’s really about the quality of your relationships, not quantity.”Lonely, socially anxious people can flock to dating apps to build relationships, but the process of matching, chatting, and sometimes, rejection, can be overwhelming and demoralizing.There are also a lot people of who just swipe, swipe, swipe, which does not always have the intended outcome, Coduto says.Relative to meeting someone at a park or bar, which can feel unpredictable and risky for some people, online dating is relatively controlled.It lets users carefully construct their personal image and consider and edit their conversations.But social anxiety alone couldn’t predict whether a person would use apps compulsively.

Coduto’s latest research sought to find out who they were.

Coduto says she was puzzled why her friends kept interrupting real-life conversations to filter through romantic prospects or seemed constantly preoccupied by messages on their dating apps.

She hypothesized that social anxiety led her friends to keep reaching for dating apps, even at inappropriate times, but she wasn’t sure why.

Coduto recommends turning off dating app push notifications to minimize interruptions and designating a specific time of day to check in with matches and swipe, rather than popping into the app whenever you please.

This can make the app feel manageable, rather than an infinite ocean of romantic leads.

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