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I know that God can never give his children what is not good. hey - you have to wake up o - because time wats for noone - if you want my email - write me at [email protected] phone me on 08094567654is not nice at all and by the way which gsm company uses 0809?

U might have made mistakes when decided to go to d alter with with him. we shld be helping the lady not complicating her posterkeep praying, searxh urslf and try to find out why he is behaving that finaly,do things that will make u happy.

Because there r lots of things that could lead to what the guy is doing. I am married and i know what it means to neglect a woman .

women are meant to be pampered , cared for and given all the attention .

Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / Dating And Meet-up Zone / Im Married But I Need A Male Friend (102962 Views) I Need A Male Friend / She's Married But Needs A Someone To Make Her Happy / Looking 4 An Honest Male Friend (2) (3) (4) Please don't crucify me.

You way not accept your cross and pray to the Almighty God to interven in his life so that he can change for good soonest, @Myomy I will be very sincere with you. You are looking for a way to get back at your husband. You are actually looking for someone you can develop intimacy with and then maybe have sex with.If that works the better, but if it doesnt, you might consider other means, are there people he respects and looks up to? For if you decide to get a male friend, its only a matter of time before the inevitable happens, then you would have given your husband all the ammo he needs to finish you, for our society is more tolerant of a philandering husband, than a lascivicious wife. The only advise I will give u is to call me at the middle of the night,beg him to tell u what u've done to deserve that kind treatment. Carry on with ur life, career etc and keep trusting. James1:2-4I have a friend who tried to find solace in a male friend, she was sharing her problem all her husband did for her and he was consoling her and while consolation lasts they were in each other's arm and behold just once and he impregnated her.You mentioned being a xtian, look within yourself for answers, for we as human beings always have a choice, but lack the courage to make it. Pls examine urself are a nag,unappreciative,disrespectful etc. She actually went to Nigeria to while away time when she met this her old male friend and now she is divorced unfurtuately the male friend is married too he can not marry her.As a married man, i discovered that if u make ur wife very happy there is great tendency that u urself will see joy and happiness .there in nothing like having a thought of going to a peacefull home after a days work , going to the warm embrace of ur wife .

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