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Most couples who are “older,” such as forty and up, tend to calculate how old they’ll be when their youngest child graduates high school.

For a man in his fifties, he may be seventy or older when his newest addition graduates.

According to past studies, “genetic defects in the [swimmers] increase with age in men.” Not only does this cause decreased fertility, but it can also make a woman more likely to miscarry, experience a stillbirth, or deliver a baby with birth defects.

Plus, older men are more likely to pass on genetic problems to their children.

For couples in their thirties, that’s not so daunting.

But for a sixty-year-old new dad and his child’s mom, it’s a big deal.

At the same time, women with an older partner- a man who was five years or more her senior- had at least a 15 percent lower chance of getting pregnant than women who had same-age or close-in-age partners.Be prepared for some uncomfortable and chaotic family dynamics for a while.In general, the older a child is, the less “work” you can expect to have along with caring for your newborn.Having a child with an older man may mean that your little one won’t have paternal grandparents to spoil him or her or help pass on family traditions.Of course, that can happen with couples of any age, but it’s perhaps more noticeable when the new parents are more advanced in age than is “normal.” At the same time you’re reflecting on your child’s grandparents’ mortality, it might be a good idea to check in on dad’s health, too.

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