Methods of validating questionnaire

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Questionnaires can be classified as both, quantitative and qualitative method depending on the nature of questions.

Specifically, answers obtained through closed-ended questions with multiple choice answer options are analyzed using quantitative methods and they may involve pie-charts, bar-charts and percentages.

For instance, you may want to compare the answers of male and female respondents, or young and old participants.

Before inputting the survey data into electronic data files, data coding must be done.

The type of survey method used as well as the type of response formats are two factors that affect the specific method of data analysis the survey requires.

This step is actually performed when you design the questionnaire, but the data codes become helpful during data analysis.

There are following types of questionnaires: Computer questionnaire.

Respondents are asked to answer the questionnaire which is sent by mail.

The advantages of the computer questionnaires include their inexpensive price, time-efficiency, and respondents do not feel pressured, therefore can answer when they have time, giving more accurate answers.

However, the main shortcoming of the mail questionnaires is that sometimes respondents do not bother answering them and they can just ignore the questionnaire.

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