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Xue (Steve) Liu is a Full Professor in the School of Computer Science and a William Dawson Scholar (Chair Professor) at Mc Gill University.

He is also a Profesor (courtesy appointment) of Mathematics and Statistics at Mc Gill University.

This paper investigates al-Rāzī’s tripartite nature of human language into respectively kalām lafẓī, kalām (or ḥukm) dhihnī and kalām nafsī and their relationship with the elements that compose human language, namely sounds, letters and concepts, as well as their role in differentiating human and divine speech.

Paper presented at the 7th Mc Gill-CREOR Graduate Conference: "Religious Ideas and Scientific Thought" - September 25th-26th - Mc Gill University - Montreal.

Al-Rāzī’s criticism and re-evaluation of theoretical astronomy within a religious context bestow a new epistemological value to the astronomical proofs.

Thus the investigation of the cosmos by means of these proofs comes to acquire a central role in exegetical practice; more specifically, it works to prove God’s existence.

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This approach has prompted the labeling of the religious approach on scientific knowledge as semi-scientific, apologetic and non-positive.

He is the founding director of the Cyber-Physical Intelligence Lab at Mc Gill University since 2007. Thompson Chair Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, at Hewlett-Packard Labs in Palo Alto, California and IBM T.

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In the present case, al-Rāzī’s exegesis of Quranic verses that expound Islamic cosmology relies on a sophisticated scientific discussion of theoretical astronomy (‘ilm al-hay’a) rather than traditional accounts.

Al Rāzī’s commentary on the sūrat al-Baqara 4 is the locus of introduction for a general description of the Ptolemaic cosmos.

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