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ABUSERS ^EQUALLED’ BY ILL WHO SHOW UP like nurses, had high rates of sick-leave usage. — fanily bimi school • Bus Sarvica — 665-6654 — or Cliurcll Offica THANKSQIVINO SUNDAY 11 Aa N.

“This is partly because they—like nurses, and unlike many other employee groups—are exposed daily h the risk of communicable dis¬ eases carried by their stu¬ dents." Many teachers, be said, ac¬ tually underused their sick- leave entitlement because they “feel a strong commit¬ ment to their students, and they don't like to turn them over to a substitute teacher unless they absolutely have to." Earlier, .school district ad- mlnlstrators and trustees in the Vancouver-area districts said school district policies invited abuse by teachers and cost taxpayers thousands of dollars In wages for substi¬ tute teachers. ister Pat Mc Geer said Friday he would Investigate the re¬ ports to verify figures, but maintained truancy was a school board matter.

Assistant superintendent Bill Mc Lachlan said figures cited were misleading In that the average was bo Mted by teachers away the entire due to injuries or ill¬ ness. Scientific Pollution and Environmental Control Society, said Friday after an announcement by the provincial ministry of forests that the nine-year plague has suffered a natural collapse. We told the government it would happen naturally; that they didn't need to spray.

Brady 'not surprised' Budworm dying off —naturally VANCOUVER (CP) - The budworm Infestation of Brit. "This Is a victory for natu¬ ral control, a victory for all the wildlife and a vindication of our position and our re search." Mike Finnis. forests but current ground surveys Indicate the bud¬ worm numbers have de¬ creased as much as M per cent In some areas.

Speaking partly in Greek, he addres^ the throng from atop a loodspeaker-equipped car. M shortly after he began his speech In support of Vare¬ lls, two hecklers at the back of the hall began shouting. As Trudeau began to de¬ fend the government’s action against the editor, a melee erupted as a man seised one of the hecklers in a headlock and dragged him to the floor.

The cla^ng and char¬ ing crowd overshadowed a protest by about It members of dm Communist Party who carried signs denouncing Trudeau. Police and security agents interceded to hustle the struggling demorrstrator, a bald, middle-aged man, and a fellow-heckler out of the ball.

250 ~ 120th Year Victoria, British Columbia, Saturday, October 7, 1978 15c Daily, 30c Sunday Army bars wreath laying by Smith WASHINGTON (AP) - The U. Army on Friday barred Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith from laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier In Arlington temetery The eeremony would represent a partisan at¬ tempt to influence U. to Beirut flaming hell At the United Nations Fri¬ day night, the Security Coun¬ cil. Sarkis was accompanied to Damascus by army commander Brig Gen. warned anew it would "not allow the destruc lion of the Christians in Leba non." There was growing fear that further Israeli involve¬ ment in lebanon on the side of their Christian allies could endanger the Camp David ac¬ cords. But meantime, the union is forging ahead with a national strike vole and leaders will be ready to call stoppages Oct. The lovitatioa stated its purpose: To make a living democracy—People can change: Ihe uotfylag Mn for our time. Some¬ one said: “The greatest thnal to communism la for- tfveness." The confennee was in a large hotel, high above Lake Geneva, boug M by tbe Swisa after the war to be a ceatn when all colors, claates and creeds cou M meet In aa at- mosphen of trust and confi¬ dence and find healing for their hurts and hales., so they could plan logetber for the fu Utn. at the Ci Urens Counselling Centre of Greater Victoria, 907 Pandora. If ke fed the gnerrillaa the whites might punish Urn, If he didn't the guerrillas might Ull bis family. Traditional, Colonial and contemporary styles in 3 different price points — some are damaged, customer returns or repaired. Cmitr., Simpi I, TSS Vm sons-Sears Ltd.- mitaman Av..... WE THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW YEAR END PRICES ISLANO MACHOIERT im 617 CHATHAM ST. “We told them there would be a natural collapse." said Stalnsby. “It's la the records that budworm infestations occur regularly and collapse Just as regularly. Campagnolo said projections indicate Ottawa will get at least 3106 million to 3123 million now being earned by Lolo Canada. "A NEW SONG” Fvery Oody Welcome Meot Uig al Royal Oak Inn 4680 Elk Laka Dri M A NON-OENOMINATIONAL CHARISMATIC FELLOWSHIP A Team Miniatry MSTOB: KV Btl JOam Teem MMatere KVa to Fai LOm. Cabi net will have to determine how the money is spent al though amateur sports and the various cultural activities now supported by the federal government are the most fre quently-menlioned benefac tors. Ottawa offered a 50-30 split to the provinces on the profits of 310 and 31 lotteries and the prov inces demanded a federal withdrawal. Campagnolo won them over to a 310 federally-operated lottery.

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