Lantana cam free video

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A spreading shrub or untidy scrambler growing up to 2m or higher.Stems usually covered with short, stiff hairs and recurved Central and South America; however it has become naturalized in around 60 tropical and sub-tropical countries worldwide.The plants from this species complex are highly invasive and often colonize previously disturbed areas such as logged forests and wastelands.And don’t forget to add lantana to your hummingbird and butterfly gardens!A group of plant invasion ecologists have highlighted the need to disentangle the composition of the highly variable Lantana species complex in order to facilitate management efforts towards this highly invasive species.The study further cautions that the complex beholds immense invasion potential in future scenarios of climate change.

Lantana can be grown in borders, mixed beds, and containers.Plant trailing varieties can also be grown in hanging baskets.In the Deep South, large varieties of lantana can be used as shrubs.The focus of the research article has aimed for a consistent taxonomic delineation based on morphology, cytology, and genetic attributes with genome size as a potential taxonomic tool for disentangling the formidable species complex."As a future development after this initial synthesis we look forward to possible strengthening of the collaborative research efforts of invasion ecologists, cytogeneticists and conservationists to disentangle Pensoft Publishers.

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