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Halfway into my commute, I realised I couldn't make it to work. Buses sped past, billowing noxious black fumes from their exhausts.

This is not depression, but adult ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactive disorder).

It took me several years to know what worked for me, and thankfully, as more people than ever explore the possibility of remote working, I've realized that to do well in my career I don't need to be in an office 45 hours a week. Having ADHD can feel like playing a video game, and using up your lives super-fast.

Doing lots of exercise also helps manage ADHD, controlling the elements of excess energy that aren't burned up inside. Having adult ADHD can be frustrating, because it can feel like you have a lot more to give, if only you could just focus.

British summers are notoriously unpredictable- as soon as you’ve lit the barbeque, the heavens have opened.My impulsiveness has made me buy an (extraordinarily cheap) apartment in a different country online without having visited it first, while disorganization led to me being fired from a waitressing job.I'd notice a plate on the pass getting cold, remember I should take it to a table, and then immediately get distracted by a colleague pushing by me.To deal with the latter two, which I do suffer from, I do a ridiculous amount of exercise, and leave super early for everything. Distractions are like a drug if you're an ADHD sufferer.You get a bit of noise, then you notice a bit more, and then another conversation, and finally you're like the dog at Christmas with both ears alert for news of titbits, treats, walkies, and cuddles—too afraid to put your ears down in case you miss something.

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