Korean actress eugene dating

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Apart of being a singer, she also currently pursues a career as an actress and an MC in various television dramas and shows. In the drama, Eugene played Han Sang-eun and Ki Tae-young played the boy that her father wanted her to marry.Because of Ki Tae-young’s shy personality, for the sake of the drama, Eugene approached him first. Apart from being a singer, Eugene is an actress and presenter.Then, we began texting each other and realized that we could talk about a lot of things together. In regards to Ki Tae Young's looks, Eugene said that His looks are kind of sexy and she doesn't think that the TV screen shows how sexy he really is.──────── ❥──Ki Tae Young on Eugene Ki Tae Young in an interview after his marriage spoke about his wife and revealed that his marriage with Eugene was planned from the beginning, when they first met.Even though there were a number of rumors about how close they really were, they were just exchange friendly texts at that time.

In an interview He revealed the secret for his happy married life."I believe you have to have mutual respect for each other. I’ll give up my half so you should too." :blue_heart: ──────── ❥──~Closing Thoughts~Honestly I haven't seen any of Eugene's work ever but I did see Ki Tae Young for the first time in To The Beautiful You as the stylish Doctor.

We just had dinner together, talked on the phone, and just had a lot of conversations.""From the beginning, we started to date with the promise of getting married.

Our goal was to get married after a year and half, so we wanted to get married in June, but it got pushed back a little and we finally married in July.

I realized that he is a really good person."──────── ❥──Eugene Ki Tae Young= Marriage After dating for almost 2 years, Ki Tae Young proposed to Eugene and after a short engagement, they got married in Seoul Central Church in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea on 23rd July 2011. This is what Eugene had to say about Ki Tae Young's proposal and their eventual marriage."He asked me out first. Below is the excerpt from Ki Tae Young'a interview post marriage."We got to marry after dating for about a year and a half.

We met regularly, but couldn’t date in public, so we didn’t get to meet that often.

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