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The proper active years of Val started from the year 1977 and he has been absolute with his net worth of amount.

The current net worth of Val is assumed to be around 25 million American dollars in the current phase.

According to Val, the net worth of him was 20 million dollars in last year’s where 5 million is added with his dedicational hard work in the current phase of time.

Val has been rumored about his dating stories time and again with the popular celebrities but he has been denying being into affair with the top personalities.

Once, Val has been married with his ex-wife whose name is Joanne Whalley and he got married with her in 1988 after few duration of affair.

Later, in 1996 with the high volume of conflict and misunderstanding this couple got divorce.

The worse health condition of an actor worries their fans and admirers. Let’s find out the fact regarding his health condition and also know more about his personal life:, actor Val Kilmer got admitted to a UCLA Medical Center after he bled from the throat.

So did the health of former The American actor, Val Kilmer, had a serious health issue a couple of years ago. A source told TMZ that Val has a tumor in his throat.

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