Iwab0383e error validating parameters

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Power Shell parameter validation attributes define what is acceptable for parameter input without needing to write massive amounts of code to handle it.The benefits to using parameter validation attributes is two-fold.

See reference Link: Easy Step by Step SSRS Parameter Validation Using Code & Conditional Data Set I'm answering this to chip in another possible solution when working with SQL/Server.You may have ended up writing thousands of lines of code to cover every possible scenario where the user could mess up the input.Perhaps, you wrote one line of code that tells the user the input does not match the desired input. Sometimes it would almost be better to throw an error!In this tip, we'll look at some other enhancements to validating parameters, which will allow us to pass scripts to DBAs and/or developers, to prevent errors or mistakes when running scripts.We'll look at restricting numbers and strings to a set, along with restricting both to follow certain regular expression patterns, and wrapping it up with allowing some parameters to be mandatory while others can be optional.

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