Interracial dating in the united states

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Diversity also creates more opportunities for intermarriage for all Americans.Almost surely, some of the Whites who were not intermarried in 1980 would have been more likely to marry a person from different race or ethnicity had the population been more diverse.

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In 1967, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously on the side of the couple.Jeter, a Black and Native American woman, and Loving, a White man, fell in love and decided to get married.They lived in Virginia, one of the states that still banned “miscegenation” – the derogatory term used to describe interracial coupling – so they needed to travel to the District of Columbia to be officially recognized as a couple.Today, there are proportionately more Asians, Hispanics and people of other racial/ethnic backgrounds in the United States than ever.These racial/ethnic groups have always been unusually likely to intermarry.

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