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Buddhist docetic texts are clearly troubled by the notion that Buddhas could have flesh-and-blood human mothers.

In addressing questions of context, the analysis applies innovative computer-assisted methods, which allow us to pinpoint detailed clues of highly specific intertextual relationships among a broad range of texts.

The study is also presented as an attempt to model ways of using narrative materials as windows into the historical Buddhist worlds they traveled through, and that shaped them.

Another dimension of the study that should be of particular interests to Buddhologists is the links between certain texts in Buddhist literature revealed by the narrative and its transformations, particularly among members of a group of texts related to the Mahāyāna Mahāparinirvāṇa sūtra. Silk (editor-in chief), Richard Bowring, Vincent Eltschinger, and Michael Radich, 752-758. In both the pre-modern tradition and modern scholarship, there has been controversy over whether the Vimalakīrti-nirdeśa (VKN) attributed in the present canon to Zhi Qian 支謙 (fl. Using copious internal evidence discovered by computer-assisted methods developed by the author, this paper argues that our extant text is a revision of a Zhi Qian original text by Dharmarakṣa or someone very closely associated with Dharmarakṣa’s circle.

To the extent that we can generalise from this case, it suggests that classic theories of the so-called "sinification" of Buddhist concepts have been predicated upon false assumptions, and in particular, that they have tended to overlook the degree to which the Indic and Chinese traditions shared a great deal of common ground. “Perfected Embodiment: A Buddhist-Inspired Challenge to Contemporary Theories of the Body.” In Refiguring the Body: Embodiment in South Asian Religions, edited by Barbara A.

By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. Buddhist docetic texts are clearly troubled by the notion that Buddhas could have flesh-and-blood human mothers.

International Buddhist College currently offers 3 bachelor programs: Buddhist Philosophy, Buddhist Historical and Cultural Studies, and Pali and Sanskrit Languages and Literature.

Now it also offers masters and doctoral programs in Buddhist Studies. D programs in Buddhist Studies are offered in both English and Chinese.

The volume also tries to go beyond seeing sixth- and seventh-century China primarily as the age of the formation and establishment of the Chinese Buddhist “schools”.

The authors attempt to view the ideas under study on their own terms, as valid Buddhist ideas engendered in a rich, “liminal” space of interchange between two large traditions.

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