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Rape is the most offensive warfare weapon in the 20th century. I wanted to make an list of interracial rape crimes committed in modern 20th century in Germany, Papua, Vietnam, Japan, Southen Burma ect.

When I say Interracial rape this doesn't include Russian who raped German women or an Indonesian men who raped Chinese women, is not considered interracial rape since they are from the same race ( if you get what I mean ). there so many more that I still don't know about ) The German rape by Russian...

About 100,000 of Okinawans were killed in the war between Japan and U. Asian men of Indonesian origin raped several thousands of Black women / Australoid East Timor women. Indonesian soldiers raped some thousands of West Papuan Black melanesian women among the 100,000 to 400,000 papuans Indonesian soldiers killed.

Conspiracists have shot or bombed at least 342 people to death since 1995, and injured 973 or more.

Asian men of Mongolian origins (and Central Asians) were brought to Berlin including Black soldiers from U. Black soldiers from America and France over 10,000 in Germany and Berlin, an few thousand of German white women were raped.

There is today hundreds to thousands of abandoned brown babies from Black soldiers.

Starting with French author Renaud Camus and his 2012 book Le Grand Remplacement; the conspiracy theory of a Great Replacement occurring, first in France, which focused on a displacement of French Catholics by predominantly Muslims, then becoming a pan-European concept which spread across most major European countries' politics on the continent.An German victim said : " I was raped in a loathsome way by two Red Army soldiers of Mongol/Asiatic type " Mongolian soldiers in Berlin or Germany 300 dutch were women were captured by Japanese to be used as sex slaves, 35 were brutally rape.An few British nurse was also rape by Japanese soldiers.But if the valuable elements in the Nordic race mix with inferior strains or die out through race suicide, then the citadel of civilization will fall for mere lack of defenders. Scott Fitzgerald made a lightly disguised reference to Grant in The Great Gatsby, in which the character Tom Buchanan was reading a book called The Rise of the Colored Empires by "this man Goddard", a combination of Grant and his colleague Lothrop Stoddard.(Grant wrote the introduction to Stoddard's book The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy.) "Everybody ought to read it", Buchanan explained.

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