Husband dating during separation

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"My children's happiness and welfare superseded any lingering feelings I had for their father and economic worries." 9. Splitting will certainly affect your income—especially if you or your spouse depends on each other financially.

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"When I decided to divorce, it was because I didn't want to keep doing this over and over.

So if you're not 100% sure about divorce, then separate until you figure it out. While a separation can give kids false hope of their parents reuniting or make the transition back to being a united family difficult, a trial period before divorce can convince you that splitting is best.

"It's hard to turn back once you start down the divorce road," says Newman. Pamela Williams Kelly, a lawyer in Memphis, TN, who separated from her abusive husband when her children were young, didn't realize how much her strained marriage had affected her six-year-old son until her separation.

Having to know exactly how this story ends can keep you stuck in indecision.

First, you are able to gauge your most immediate and visceral reaction to the separation, which will give you a tremendous amount of insight about where you're at emotionally.

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