Hot tub dating

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This is the perfect date for you to plan on spoiling your spouse!

They are going to love having their stress melt away as you pamper them with this relaxing At Home date, packed full of fun printables and Spa Date Night ideas.

You’ll come away feeling recharged and reconnected.

And in our fast-paced society, what could better than that?!

We’ve included a darling basket tag, several smaller gift tags for you to customize, a fun art print to set the mood, and some fabulous spa day activities (more on those below). The Spa Menu is chock-full of revitalizing and relaxing services.

Ensure their placement won't restrict your ability to safely get in and out.

Not only will you relax your partner, the Mayo Clinic also states that massage can create a deeper bond between the giver and receiver.

Based in Texas, Lucie Westminster has been a writer and researcher since 1975.

For added romance, place a few pieces of chocolate on the plate.

In The Malaysian Journal of Pathology, Professor Roberto Verna reports that phenethylamine, a property in chocolate, increases chemicals in your brain that contribute to pleasure and a happier state of being.

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