Guy and girl best friends dating

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Sometimes, , there are other guy-girl best friends who prove to us that it’s possible to remain “just friends” forever… He’s usually the first person I’d text when anything happens.

We bonded over brunch, weekend markets and everything in-between.

We make time for each other to catch up, talk about guys and girls, and send each other funny memes on Instagram. I can see him standing in the church when I get married, except that he wouldn’t be the groom—he’d be my bridesmaid.

Jiaying, 19 We met because we lived in the same estate with plenty of mutual friends around the area.We barely text if at all, but I know he’ll be there when I need him.He’s very rational, has a good listening ear, and is non-judgmental.We just know what’s on each other’s minds at one glance.We even have our own handshake and several nicknames.

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