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At the beginning of the classical era, the production of this rationalistic thought underwent a form of specialization.Just as the field of history became autonomous with the work of Hecataeus of 460-370).Thus Aristotle, for example (himself the son of a physician), whose curiosity extended to nearly all fields of knowledge and who applied to all disciplines the rigor of his logical analyses, was greatly occupied with biology, to the point that his biological treatises constitute nearly a third of the surviving Corpus Aristotelicum, and some have seen him as a founder of the science of biology.Among the Greek physicians whose writings have come down to us in part, we will also consider Herophilus and Erasistratus, who lived in Alexandria at the beginning of the Hellenistic era, as well as Soranus of Ephesus (early second century CE) and Galen of Pergamon (129-216).This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).

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The woman produces a seed that only serves as food for the embryo.

According to Ancient Greek biologists and physicians, the differentiation begins at embryogenesis and continues during foetal development.

In a medical thought dominated by physiology, male and female bodies were assumed to be in obvious opposition, according to certain suggestive criteria : in particular the female body was seen as wetter and cooler than the male body and moreover marked by an anatomical peculiarity: the uterus was thought of as a living being.

They were especially preoccupied with the question of generation, reflecting on the origin of “seed,” on whether or not a maternal “seed” existed, on the formation of the embryo (and more specifically on the determination of its sex), and on heredity.

Since their books have not come down to us, it is difficult to reconstruct their thought.

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