Gpupdate vpn not updating

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I wonder if we have reached a point where the IPv6 portion of the VPN client needs to be configured for DNS.When you add the DNS suffix to IPv4 it automatically adds it to IPv6, but the DNS server's IPv6 address is not added dynamically or statically. I am not certain if un-checking IPv6 will actually do it, but worth a try.I've tried routing traffic through the remote gateway, I've added the IP address of the DC as the DNS server for the VPN connection, I've added the domain name in the "DNS suffix for this connection field" and no luck. when i say public IP of the VPN, i mean the public IP address of the VPN connection.We use the connection string when setting up the VPN.If you do not see a success message for several hours, then contact your administrator. The client PC must only be able to contact your corporate DNS server.I've added the IP address of the domain controller (Server 2008 R2) the the DNS of the VPN connection. Thus there cannot be an ISP, router or such as an alternate DNS server, as they will often respond first and DNS will not resolve.Link below https:// issues are 1 of 4 sources; server, client, ISP, or site.-Server is OK as some work fine -Client may be the issue, but they seem to be configured correctly, and presumably all the same -ISP issues usually result in not being able to connect at all -Site issues "usually" are inability to access resources even though a connection is made. FYI, I connected one of the users with a completely different VPN (SSL Sonic Wall VPN) and experienced the same issue.

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FYI, during the time of this testing, the DNS suffix was entered in the Advanced TCP/IP settings for the VPN adapter, however, the Register this connection's address in DNS box was unchecked as was teh Use this connections's DNS suffix in DNS registration. I reviewed the files you posted and just tried numerous options on a local system to compare.Though gpupdate /force should work, if you set up the VPN client to connect before logon it should automatically update Group Policy.I have written blog articles discussing this option: XP & Win7: Win 8 and 10: Note at the bottom of the first link Group policies to add if a slow link.I've got the local IP of the DC configured as the primary DNS for the VPN on the client computers.Thanks very much for your help Definitely DNS, isn't it. I'm including the results where the check box is selected to use the remote site as the gateway and when that was not selected.

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