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Instead of focusing on chatting/texting, Dream Lover focuses on the women as models and encourages chatters to share photos via text. Label it with proper keywords like “flirt” or “chat” or “text.” In the description section, you can go into more detail about the services you’re willing to provide, and pricing.Your base price can be for five minutes of talking time and you can have add-ons for additional time or services.Chat Operator Jobs hires women to chat via text with various men.To be eligible, you must be at least 25 years old and available to answer at least 75 text messages per week.Miss Travel doesn’t directly pay you any money to chat with men.However, it does provide the opportunity to meet some interesting people.The key to earning extra cash this way is to search through a larger database and find a safe, comfortable working relationship.

Your pay is determined by the type of chat and how long you’ve been active with the company. After approval of your pre-application, someone from Lip Service will call you to hear your phone voice.According to its users, it is easy to use, and you control how much money you’re able to make.As a Chat Hostess, you will be required to have good typing skills, a fun personality, and the ability to hold a conversation.It has been the experience of some women that men on the site will send money for no other reason than to make them feel special.If you link up with the right guy, he may even pay off your student loans.

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