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The doorbell rang at exactly seven o’clock which made big points with me.

I never keep anyone waiting if it can be helped and I was impressed that he was punctual.

When we arrived he suggested a drink at the bar while we waited for our table. While waiting twenty minutes for our table, he ordered two more drinks and they went down just as quickly.

I ordered a glass of white wine, which I enjoy, and he had a highball. I was a bit concerned and told him that I was not a drinker.

He called the next evening and was utterly charming.

He had been divorced for years he told me and was looking for a new partner.

It must be so simple to put on a suit for a more formal date and opt for favorite slacks and shirt for something more casual. I could tell by the smiles on my girls’ faces that I looked pretty good.Part way through dinner I excused myself to use the powder room.I always like to check my hair and makeup as I like to keep looking good throughout my date.He said he would see me at seven o’clock and that we would go out to dinner.I was excited about our upcoming date as we both liked each other on the phone.

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