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Destinysmoon64 : so.missed the fire sas sasquatchita : oh??? bbpa : yeah that is a dead give away Destinysmoon64 : and you missed ky coming in front of the camera and taking pics and stuff sasquatchita : ha Destinysmoon64 : ky lit a fire bbpa : umm the video from mt st helens lol sasquatchita : oh..LITERALLY missed the fire sasquatchita : ha bbpa : that was me Crypto Hunter JD : the re-enactments only seem to make the film look more authentic to me Destinysmoon64 : for really and truly bb?but i have some sasquatchita : pass em over flames!

but if I see one i will send it your way bbpa : lol Chelle66 : Bigfoot Gal : Bill, I know--I wish I had discovered it sooner. Crypto Hunter JD : I had a cousin in the first gulf war, he told horrible stories about soldiers losing patches of skin as big as your fist, after having one of those things sneak into their tent and feed on them in the middle of the night. Beast206 : small and many actually Beast206 : orangish bbpa : yep Destinysmoon64 : whoa.pic Beast206 : or green yeti : i just heard heavy breathing sounds oboy Arrow74 : so if we see something giant with green or orange bunches of eyes?

You can try using our search feature in the left sidebar, or a Google powered search may help you find what you are looking for" bbpa : i found it on google Pappy__ : you knew better than to put your hands out when jack asked Beast206 : well, we were in the reptile house I planned on a snake :( bbpa : link is too long though Bigfoot Gal : Bill, just ordered a copy of The Boy Who Saw Bigfoot from Alibris Books online. bbpa : i would have passed out yeti : sherry great Destinysmoon64 : ok I am back got knocked of Beast206 : I was too busy freaking the heck out lol Butch_179-1 : i would have stomped on it bbpa : i still would have passed out Bigfoot Gal : I'm going Bigfoot book crazy!

:) Pappy__ : jack woulda cried Beast206 : they have hairs on their abdomen that burn and itch...

bbpa : lol Nastan : ya Destinysmoon64 : never heard a cat howl like that bbpa : then we would realize smokey was a squatch all along kyresearcher : did ya see me?

Nastan : lol bbpa : yep Beast206 : saw a bald BF Destinysmoon64 : was that you you bad boy you!!! yeti : yes ky bbpa : scared everyone Destinysmoon64 : dang you made me almost have aheart attack Pappy__ : saw some fugly.. Destinysmoon64 : I just about jumped out of my chair Destinysmoon64 : lol Destinysmoon64 : naw he is purty sunnyre : is that whistling or an animal howling far off?

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