Finding and dating marijuana smokers in your area

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It might be something justifiable like they don't want kids and you do or they're dangerously violent.It can also be something that is thought of as a preference, like, they're not thoughtful enough, they don't have enough interests or ambition, or they smoke weed.These areas are great, because you can simply walk next door if one place does not suit your flavor.Make sure not to loiter, but feel free to hang out in shops you patronize, or local restaurants, to see where all the smokers are congregating.This is even more of a reality with marijuana, for two reasons.

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So assume you found someone who still likes you when your high, and is smart enough not to buy into all the negative press, does that mean it's not a problem maybe.

Even if you live in a non-legal state, there may be rallies for legalization or patient’s rights.

These events are a great way to meet new people in your area who are smokers.

Though, if we are honest we must all say that it does.

No matter what, it's going to make any relationship easier if the two involved have common interests.

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