Exchange 2016 mailbox quota not updating

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Assigning someone Send As permissions in Exchange is easy.

Use the EMC, or if you love Power Shell do something like this: granted immediately.

Instead, Exchange servers have a component called Directory Service Access (DSAccess) (renamed to Active Directory Access (ADAccess) since Exchange 2007) that periodically queries AD and caches the results for a period of time.

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Also, people who send you email will get an error message that your inbox is full.

As always if you have any questions, suggestions, or run into problems please email us at [email protected]#Email address that the notification email will appear to be from $mail From = “[email protected]”#If inbound mailflow is not enabled on your domain in Microsoft Online, change this value #to your on-premise mail server which should forward to Microsoft Online $smtp Server = “”#Microsoft Online Service Account Username and Password $power User = “[email protected]” $power Pass = “Password”#If sending a final report to the admin enter the email address the final report should be sent to $adminemail = “[email protected]” #Enter the subject for the report sent to admin $adminsubject = “Mailbox Quota Report”#Warning Levels, each level is percentage of quota used. PSCredential -argumentlist $power User,$password#Get all the enabled users $enabledusers = get-msonlineuser -Credential $Admin Credential -Enabled -Result Size 10000#Get the mailbox size and item count for each user.

Emails to users are customized based on level $Level1 = 75 $Level2 = 85 $Level3 = [email protected]()$password = Convert To-Secure String $power Pass -As Plain Text -Force $admin Credential = New-Object -Type Name System. For Each($user in $enabled Users)#Send a report to the admin which lists the quotas used by all users#Sort the list from highest quota usage to smallest $support Collection = $supportcollection | sort @ $supportbody = “User Identity, Quota Used, Over Limit`n`n”For Each($user in $support Collection)#Send notification to Admins.

In addition to the registry values I mention above, there’s one more worth mentioning.

It isn’t too important because it’s value can never exceed that of the With this in mind one can appreciate why updates to a mail enabled object may not immediately take effect. It will depend on whether the object has past its idle time.

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