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It ran hundreds of names long and was known as “Harris’s List of Covent-Garden Ladies.”Ever since, the term “little black book” has come to represent something of a secret directory both in true crime tales and in the arts; a list passed along among insiders and conspirators; a source of illicit knowledge and a record of it that could be weaponized.

The little black book has transcended mere notebook status to become a cultural trope, symbol and narrative device.

(Last week, a federal judge denied his request to await trial at his million Upper East Side mansion.)Alfredo Rodriguez, Mr. A report by New York magazine about those who appear in Mr. Those contacted for this article acknowledged having met Ghislaine Maxwell, Mr. Epstein’s book has become a symbol of the exclusive world of the very famous and very rich, and the secret life the financier lived.

Epstein’s former house manager, attempted to sell the book; it was published in 2015 by Gawker, with the telephone numbers redacted. Epstein’s book declares that the list creates a portrait of a man “deeply enmeshed in the highest social circles.” The names in the book, though, are as likely to be a map of aspirational connections, as well as actual ones. Rodriguez’s statement in the affidavit, the book was compiled by employees of Mr. Epstein’s former girlfriend and “lady of the house,” and posited perhaps that was how their names ended up in the book. That makes it the latest in a line of “little black books” that have played key roles in crime stories as far back as the mid-18th century, when Samuel Derrick conspired with Jack Harris, the “Pimp General of all England,” to create an annual guide to London’s prostitutes and their specialties.

How does Blume manage to capture the timelessness and truth of teenage relationships so well?

Maybe she's not actually a fairy godmother, but a wizard instead...

Perhaps it's because I’m turning 30 this year (sidebar: what the what? As I approach that milestone birthday, and think back on how much I have learned and changed since another important birthday, my 18th, my feelings can best be summed up in the words of the Grateful Dead: What a long, strange it’s been.

Of course, books were a constant companion along the way, and a source of much of that accumulated wisdom.

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A little bit literary and a whole lot sleazy, it was the perfect fit for his burgeoning brand.“There was little left unutilized in the creation of his persona,” said John Russick, the senior vice president of the Chicago History Museum, which owns one of Mr.“You are defined by your sexual prowess, yet that sexual prowess can get you in a lot of trouble,” Ms. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about growing up, maturing, accumulated wisdom and all that jazz.What's remarkable about Forever is that even though it was written 40(!) years ago, so much of it is still relevant to the whirlwind of emotions that accompany first love — the excitement, the uncertainty, the heartache.

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