Error updating locale cisco cme

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If the router configuration is changed so that the XML configuration files for the phones are modified (changes are made to user locale, network locale, or phone firmware), then whenever you use the reset all or restart all command, the router automatically executes the reset sequence-all command instead.

The reset sequence-all command resets phones one at a time in order to prevent multiple phones trying to contact the TFTP server simultaneously.

Use the restart command to reboot IP phones after quick changes to buttons, lines, and speed-dial numbers.

This command is much faster than the reset command because the phone does not access the DHCP or TFTP server.

As part of the troubleshooting process, you will find that is very helpful to get the status message from the IP phone.

This value should be increased for larger networks.

If the phone has not been added to the Cisco Call Manager database, the TFTP server generates a CFG File Not Found response.

Obtain a new copy of the phone firmware and place it in the TFTPPath directory.

For simple button, line, or speed-dial changes, you can use the restart command.

Use the reset (ephone) command to perform a complete reboot of an IP phone when you are in ephone configuration mode.

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