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To marry a Russian girl, you need to know that she pays great attention to the ceremony of wedding, that’s why Russian weddings are celebrated on a grand scale.

Russia is a multicultural country with its thousand-year history, traditions, and cultural peculiarities that distinguish it from many others.

Yes, these women have a great sense of a family and are known for their inborn loyalty and compassion.

However, there are numerous mentality gaps between Russian and Western civilisations, which makes intercultural communication rather tricky.

Small gifts are an integral part of any romantic relationship.

Traditional Russian culture has a very visual cultural past, immersed in literature, painting, and classical music.

In Russia, one needs some special occasion to present something to the other person.

Dating a Russian girl is what more and more men from different countries make up their minds to.

As modern society moves towards globalisation, men from all around the world get to thinking about finding a Russian woman for marriage. Their popularity instantly boosted after the Soviet Union dissolved and the Iron Curtain fell.

Russian women have already gained the worldwide popularity and keep being the top desired romantic partners.

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