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David De Angelo got things rolling around 2007 with his “Double Your Dating” franchise.Piggybacking on the pick-up artist explosion (PUA elder Ross Jeffries claims De Angelo was his student, and bitterly resents his success), double your dating was for men who wanted to score.There was a newsletter teaser to promote the ebook and the DVDs, and tantalizing clips on You Tube of rowdy seminars with successful PUA thought-leaders.

Set up Carter as spokesmodel for the “Catch Him” franchise and Raye as the “Relationship You Want” frontwoman.Now the brands are umbrella’d under Amare, Inc., which describes itself on Linked In as an entirely virtual company, its domains registered to yet another alliteratively named entity, Thom Tessandori.My take is that De Angelo wrote marketing copy for a living, was good at it, realized there was big bucks in the PUA community to be raked from desperate-to-get-laid guys.Customers are buying a shame-based product, one that shames them for their shortcomings, and then brings on a shame hangover for having fallen for the pitch.Organized protest would be like an uprising of the penis-enhancement market; no one wants to self-identify.

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