Does updating apps use data

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So how exactly can you reduce your data usage on the road?

One option is to use an onboard navigation app, such as Garmin Street Pilot Onboard or NAVIGON, which saves the map on your phone, so you don’t have to download map data each time you calculate a route.

Select a plan that is higher than the amount of data you used during this period — but as close to that number as possible.

Even if you don’t have hotspot access from any of the above, you can still take advantage of the hundreds of thousands of free Wi-Fi hotspots around the world.

Although we would advise you to use a VPN if you’re going to risk connecting to a lot of public Wi-Fi networks.

Go to Settings, and under Wireless & Networks, tap on Data usage or Mobile data (you might need to look around on different Android phones, but it should still be under your .

You will see a table showing your data usage for a specific period of time.

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