Did taylor swift dating garrett hedlund

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The two films that he was supposed to film this year and star in “The Sound of Philadelphia” and “Party of the Century” he is no longer tied to. His next film coming out “Dreamland” is an Indie film that will be shown at The Tribeca film festival this month, and will most likely not be picked up by a film studio like “Burden”, and never seen in theaters. According to a blind item, the show chose Roberts over him.His only other project besides “Dreamland” is a show on Hulu “Castle Rock.” It’s no wonder he wants to be seen with Roberts. The blind item also claims that there is a lot of animosity between them, but there are reports that they are still good friends, so who knows what the truth is.

Emma Roberts Spotted Wearing a Ring on That Finger While Out with Garrett Hedlund New star couple Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund were spotted packing on PDA in L. — un Crazed"Creative decision" is sometimes code for other issues, such as not showing up on set or having "other difficulties".

Wow Garrett you really know how to pick your beards, best stick with beards who are semi dykes like kiki.

Though she has her moments, like stealing jakes dog after they split, ah the life and times of the rich and famous. Thank the f*cking lord that nightmare is over with. We just hope he’s smart enough to stay away from her this time.

This is what a friend of Evan Peters said when he found out that Roberts and Peters had broken up. That b*tch needs to be in a mental hospital, not a relationship.

I can't believe Murphy would chose Emma over Peters.

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