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She’s not replacing Stacey Dash’s character altogether—on the show she plays Raquel, a wealthy Southern Belle—but Dash, of course, is no more. She called me before I moved out to Atlanta and warned me that ‘this is not Hotlanta! Cause I’m from New York, I’m from Brooklyn, I always say sh*t how it is.

Still, fans of the show—and critics, too —will usually describe Vasi as the actress who’s replacing Dash. Bring a coat, bring a scarf.’ We’re having a bunch of fun. That’s one thing you want to know about me, I keep it very, very real.

EBONY: Where were you when you got the phone call that this was your new gig? It was so nice not to have to deal with the anxiety over the weekend. (they) actually gave me the idea to call my manager months prior to the character of Raquel being written and saying, ‘by the way my fans on Twitter told me that there’s an actress leaving a show and there’s going to be a void, let’s stay on top of it, let’s take a meeting, let’s introduce ourselves.’ EBONY: That’s very proactive of you. I’m a big fashionista; I come with a fashion background, so I was very into the clothes, and the gossipy women lifestyle that just seems so true and relatable. Stacey Dash played Val and Stacey did a wonderful job and made Val her own, and no one can take that away from her.

Denise Vasi: I was going to Beverly Hills Hot Springs to get a body scrub and milk bath! EBONY: It’s a new character, but you’re still replacing Stacey Dash. I think that that was a wise decision for the writers not to attempt that. Raquel is going to go through something big in the first episode that’s going to make her question everything in her life, and we’ve all been there.

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hangs out with Vasi on set in the dining room of her fictional apartment (it comes with a stunning Atlanta skyline, to boot) and she dishes all. I was filming a soap opera, and it’s every day and we’re shooting over 100 pages a day. I’d heard a lot about the show and I had fans that watch my soap opera that watch "Single Ladies" and … Right before coming out here to start working, I took a three-week vacation and I had VH1 send me the full season and I watched them and in its entirety, one after the other, like, ‘Oh my God, what’s going to happen next?! DV: What I was really excited about was, obviously, the fashion. She’s humble and sweet and the believer in love, but she’s a giver and she’s concerned about worldly things, so she’s not stuck in this high society Atlanta, although that’s what she was brought up in.

I really like where Raquel is right now because she is stronger than where she was last season.

I’d like to see more of her and the character of Terrence because the audience is invested in it, so I’d like to see more of how it evolves. I’d love to be the bad ass girl who runs around and sets people straight (laughs).

It was interesting because we had new writers and did not know what to expect.

For me it was exciting as Raquel has evolved and changed and I got to know her and the character has changed as far as what she is looking for and how she is going to find her happiness.

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