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I don't remember her acting in that, how is she connected to a korean drama anyway..she's holding the yellow roses that min woo likes and the calla lilies that his 2 gf's (the one that died and the main female lead) loves Penny Lin Wallpaper If anyone has the nice wallpaper of Lin wei cing with the background of At The Dolphin Bay, please help me to post.

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.....i don't think penny lin was in summer scent..xu wei lun...

I'm seeing 100%senorita (Qian Jin Bai Fen Bai)and i love it .it's a wonderful and wallace &penny is very cute cople on scene Penny and Wallace gave a good performance in this come the other girl gets such a ugly guys to pare with i cant stand ugly couples in a show i mean the girl is so cute and he'sso ugly and old for her.maybe i shouild watch it before i complain and maybe i will have a diff view about himyeah, I totally find it impossible that qiao en will fall for a guy like deric wan and his chinese in the show was completely horrible, actually I was thinking that it might improve since he shot the dolphin bay series.

Yet, Wally would be like Wallace's pet name given by her mother who keeps humiliating him in front of his guy friends.

But anyway, I like them with the pairing but I didn't like his character in the series as much.

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However, he has no idea that Fei Yang is framed and on the edge of being murdered.

I want to see another one of their collaborations paired up together in another drama.

I have no idea why we're talking about other people in Wallace and Penny's thread.

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