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One evening, one of my flatmates introduced me to a friend at a salsa dance class. His roommate loved dancing, I loved dancing and he asked me to go out with his friend who was visiting. Soon we became head over heels in love with each other and after I left Granada, he came to Canada to live with me for four months and I just visited him in Spain for Christmas holidays. Bij Pepper maak je dan ook een collage van jouw interesses in plaats van een lange beschrijving.The Dreamworld was a world separated from the main game that contained levels 1 to 665.

Photo Credit: Zalaikha Williams Granada is a magical and inspiring city.Check out my blog for more information on the beautiful Granada!Booking with Spotahome ultimately led me to the love of my life.Every episode has 15 levels except for episode one (Candy Town) and episode two (Candy Factory) which only have 10 each.New levels are usually being released every week (at a rate of 30 per week or 4.286 per day), mostly on Wednesday.

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