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I think success depends mostly on how real you are yourself, and how positive you are about others.I've tried recently and didn't regret it. Plus on this site they have video chat which is really helpful.Because I don't like sharing my personal contacts till I am sure about someone. When I decided to start this dating blog, back in 2017, the first thing I did was google other dating bloggers to see what they were doing. What you mostly get is articles written by a bored web journalist somewhere, who did about ten minutes’ research to produce a list of the same sites that are on everyone else’s top dating blogs lists.When you’re starting a relationship (or even a friendship), they either like you or they don’t, and the timing of your phone call or the way you say hello/hi/hey/hiya doesn’t matter. From then on, for the next decade of dating, I relaxed and felt free to be myself.

Unlike many dating bloggers, A Dating Dad is not a tale of bad dates and woes, rather it is a collection of thoughts, questions and ideas facing daters in this era of swiping.

What sort of online dating experiences was I going to write about? If you search for things like Top Dating Blogs, or Best Dating Blogs, or even if you narrow it down to UK Dating Blogs, Funny Dating Blogs, or Online Dating Blogs, the results are pretty unsatisfactory.

And the blogs on these lists have been doing the rounds for years!

Since then, I’ve built this site, Lucy Goes Dating, into one of the UK’s Top 10 Dating Blogs.

I’ve written well over 100 posts, was Highly Commended in the UK Blog Awards, and appeared on BBC Radio (but not telly cos, y’know, anonymity! And in the process, I’ve found my way into a community of other fantastic dating bloggers, who are putting themselves out there, right at the coalface of modern dating, going on dates, and sharing their advice and experiences. In a way you could say this research took me two years – but it was worth it.

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