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Here were discovered six houses made of grass sods, probably built by the Vikings around the year 1,000 and rediscovered in 1962.It is the oldest known European settlement in North America and, to date, is the only authentic trace of Viking settlement in the New World.The landmark Cabot Tower commemorates the 400th anniversary of John Cabot's voyage.Hiking trails lead to the fortifications at the Queen's Battery Barracks and along the perilous cliffs, including spectacular but difficult North Head Trail down to Battery Road.A second Viking attraction on the Great Northern Peninsula is Norstead, a living-history museum with a slightly livelier feel and more Viking-style buildings.The Viking Trail is a signposted route that takes tourists the length of Newfoundland's Northern Peninsula, from Gros Morne to L'Anse aux Meadows and across the Strait of Belle Isle into Labrador.Other popular things to do here include rock-climbing, boating, swimming, camping, and fishing.

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At Cape Bonavista, stands a statue of Cabot, and visitors can watch for whales, puffins, and icebergs along the coast.All around the island's irregular coast are towns and remote former fishing villages that attract tourists with their breathtaking scenery, sea life, and exceptional birding sites.Miles and miles of trails follow the magnificent coast, and historic sites to tour include the first known Viking settlement, landing sites of early European explorers, landmarks of early flight pioneers, and tangible relics of prehistoric populations.Gros Morne National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, largely for its unique geological phenomena.At Tablelands, a large piece of the earth's mantle was thrust to the surface by colliding tectonic plates, exposing a piece of earth that is elsewhere more than a mile beneath the surface.

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