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Since moving here I have not managed to find even a single friend, let alone a woman.People in the St Louis area are not interested in meeting new people and if you didn't grow up here, you will always be an outsider and will never be accepted.If you arrive here single, you will leave here single. Totally agree, and you very well could have better luck back in Texas.As someone else mentioned, what gets the ladies going in one place isn't universal.Women in St Louis are very violent; do not EVER disagree with them on ANYTHING or they will immediately start using profanity towards you, get in your face, and threaten to beat you up.This lack of love, companionship, and sex is completely unhealthy for a human and I believe I am already beginning to suffer from the physiological effects.

This dating site has been around longer than any other dating site, and it’s stayed in business so long because it has successfully paired up countless couples around the world.If you don't have the St Louis accent, then people say "you have an accent" and then when you reply that they have an accent too, they respond "I don't have an accent" as if the St Louis way of speaking were the "real" way of speaking English and everyone else speaks a second-class English.(Take it from an outsider, people in St Louis have a very distinctive accent, there is nothing "standard" about the St Louis accent).Doesn't necessarily mean that one set of women is better or worse than the other, same for the male pursuer but a different approach is necessary. I'm sure plenty of you will meet a woman that Wolfman has dated, and i'm sure it'll work out better for many of you than it did for him.Based on the number of transplant friends I have (That I DO hang out with, outside of the office) that have found someone to marry (often another transplant oddly enough ) I have to imagine that it's possible to move to a place, meet people, and have a good time... I am a 27-year-old man who has lived in the St Louis area for two years now and am making plans to leave this city ASAP.

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