Dating secret rapidshare

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After attempting to remove non-pertinent information, this harvest yielded 1600 files spanning more than 350GB worth of leaked passwords.

For each file, I removed internal duplicates and ensured that they all used the same style of newline character.

I determined that for the most practical analysis, lists had to be sorted in a manner that reflected actual human behavior, not an arbitrary alphabet system or random chronology.

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Wordlists in this folder were not necessarily associated with the label. The author's intent for this project is to provide information on insecure passwords in order to increase overall password security.Until we know what common passwords look like, we will come up with passwords that appear on dozens of leaks.If any of your passwords has been published on the internet for everyone to see, then can you really claim it as password?Each time a password was found in this file represented a time it was found in the source materials.I considered the number of times a password was found across all of the files to be an approximation of its overall popularity.

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