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“When it comes to relationships, you know exactly what it takes to maintain a serious, strong relationship, and you’re not going to lose yourself in them,” Ant says.

“It also means you’re good at your job.” I’ll take it!

While I’m an introvert and don’t think of myself as aggressive, I passionate about my work and my beliefs — and I’ve lost interest in more than one person when they expressed casual misogyny, such as saying that Beyoncé needs to “cover up more” or, more recently, calling a woman political writer I admire “crazy.”This interpretation was reinforced by the next card, the Emperor reversed.

The final three cards were the Page reversed and the Knight of Swords upright with the Knight of Cups, which indicates that I have high expectations but tend to be attracted to people who “have potential, rather than somebody who already Then, Ant did something that I was surprised by: he added a new deck to the mix.

“If you come to me, I'm trying to help you, and I would be doing a disservice to you if I wasn’t honest."I’m a sex & relationships writer, and I go on a lot of first dates, but it’s been almost a year since I’ve been on more than two dates with one person.

What should I be doing differently when it comes to dating?

Finally, Ant drew another two cards from an astrology deck: Pluto and Libra.

Pluto indicates that I want someone who has made a significant change in their lives, and Libra indicates that the person will have some of the traits associated with Libras, such as diplomacy, sweetness, and a “boy- or girl-next-door vibe.” They'll have a passion for equality that might lead them to work in the legal field.

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