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What I think it has done is made it possible to meet a wider array of people.

Plus, online it is so easy to reply to an email or instant message that you get to meet a much wider broader range of people.

An example is the question about pets - if you really don't want pets in the house, you should not match up with an animal lover.

This is a conflict you really need to get out of the way early.

The questions are all reviewed by an user panel to determine their worthiness; then, if 90% of the panel feels a question is good, it goes to our internal review.

LTK: Given the concept of matching individuals to ensure successful dating, does everyone need to find their match for a healthy relationship?

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So, the way you would answer the question is, "No, I do not believe in God.What we do receive are dozens and dozens of emails every week with pictures, testimonials, wedding invitations, and we even get baby birth announcements…so we know people are meeting, and dating, and marrying, and having kids.Meet Sam, a busy individual who obviously enjoys the thrill of starting and running a new exciting business adventure. LTK: What was the turning point in deciding to pursue an online matching service?SY: We basically looked at what we were good at, which was building large free communities.

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