Dating persistent calling wealthy discreet dating

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Being a Don Juan is about getting the women you want.And it's about taking a woman who has low to moderate interest and, by following a few simple principles, converting that into high interest and, hopefully, an overwhelming desire to see you naked. Now the "pursuing" is where it gets tricky and complicated.

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And the most common mistake that guys make when employing this strategy is NEXTing a woman too soon.

Look for those in a future article.) 4) A Don Juan has options.

One of the main reasons a Don Juan is able to control his emotions, that he doesn't get upset or worry about things, is that he's always pursuing numerous women at the same time.

He realizes when he begins his pursuit of any one particular lady, that things may not work out.

He may never get her and he's fully prepared to deal with the situation. Do you really think you'd sit around worrying, or get upset, or concern yourself with "protecting your ego" if you had a date with Susan on Wednesday, a date with Kelly on Friday, two other women calling you all the time, and a stack of 9 or 10 different phone numbers sitting on your dresser? When a girl doesn't return your call, it wouldn't faze you a bit.

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