Dating games for kids to play

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“In third grade, he signed a ‘contract’ that said he would marry me” and in fourth grade, they proclaimed their love in journals, she says.

Whatever form it takes, dating can serve as a learning experience, helping to prepare kids for adult relationships later on. Most experts suggest 16 as the magic age for traditional dating. Being ready to date depends on “where the person is developmentally,” says Alison Rhodes, school counselor at Reynolds Middle School in Asheville.Parents play key role While “a certain amount of neutrality will allow kids to use their own readiness to guide them, parents need to take the lead in making choices regarding dating based on their child’s maturity and communicating the family’s values and expectations regarding relationships and dating,” says Weathington.Talking about dating and related issues can happen long before a teenager goes on his or her first date.Each had their first boyfriend in middle school, spending time together at school events and when they reached eighth grade, they would go on dates, which meant meeting at the mall or making cookies and watching TV at home, she says.In high school, they’ve gone out with groups of friends as well as dates to the movies and ice cream at places like Biltmore Park.

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