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She says to me, and I shit you not: "There's a Sizzler down the road; it's got an Because you wanted your tie to something undesirable to end as soon as possible, or because you didn't want the situation lingering thinking that she might take that as endorsing what was going on as interest in her? I saw a girl on OKCupid a couple months ago who looked good. I do too, if you're a dude believe me i doubt it's because you're ugly. Drank there for a couple hours with some other sledders and went home. I never said anything mean to her and went my seperate way.

Noticed in her profile picture she was standing in front of a Kung Fu Panda promotion. Me and a close friend made dating sites together, she's a girl. I logged on after a night of sleep/browsing/shooting a few messages and had one reply and like 10 page views from the hamplanets. She said the same things in her profile, etc., etc. So, I ask her if she'd like to meet me up at this one bar in town popular for people to snowmobile to. She said she didn't like the bar we were at, and said to meet her at this other popular bar. Now I don't trust any chicks with just headshots on OKC.

I met her on hotornot (remember when hotornot had the meet me section and you could get dates on there? It said she was 20 and we chatted online and then on the phone and wound up going to a concert (I think the lineup was like...

Nora with My Chemical Romance or A Static Lullaby or something along those lines).

I don't think the venue matters as much as the sentiment. I don't know why but it seems so foreign women paying for this kind of thing.

Typically they're the ones let into a bar for free while the men pay. I've never really thought true compatibility was something you could find with just some personality questions and was more related to chemistry and sexual compatibility.

I'm not judging that they didn't have great personality"s but not someone I could enjoy what I did with a lot of my free time. And to be honest I live in area that the majority of people are not fit or active. I don't do hookups so I figured if I paid a monthly charge I would weed out the people that didnt want a serious relationship.But most people in their 50s are married, so online dating does really work for them to help find other people in that age group who are single.Nearly every online dating success story I've heard is from older people.I just put up some random pictures that were from the last year that I thought I looked halfway decent in. I'll caveat this by saying some of these are only a bad sign if they are for every pic.By the way, he actually doesn't have a type when it comes to weight. Having a cool black and white pic mixed in with 3 normal ones is great.

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