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The latter are often used as wall decor because of their unique designs. Manufacturers include: Trains come in a variety of sizes and one is not necessarily more valuable than the other.Toys will always be worth more if they are in the box and have never been played with. Compare your collectibles to those for sale on e Bay and other collectible sites to get an idea of the value of your collectible.The Scare Games play set, which requires two AA batteries, will provide hours of fun for fans of the popular movie.It features scream sounds and phrases from the movie, as well as glow in the dark orbs that kids can launch at targets.

People paid hundreds of dollars for Beanie Babies believing that they would continue to go up in value.

The Disney Pixar Monsters University collection of Imaginext products features Sully, Mike, Randy, Johnny, Chet, and Omar.

The collection isn't as large as the DC Superfriends line, but it's still worth a look.

Some of the most collectible are: Dolls in their original clothing with all the accessories and in the original packaging are usually more valuable than a doll on its own.

Dollhouses are another fun collectible that can be either antique or contemporary.

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